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Postby Twitchingalot » Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:52 pm

Hi guys,
8 years of symptoms, had so much tests and seen so many neurologists and neuromuscular specialists and still no answers..
emg of limbs and cheek clean..

Tremors under muscle stress
Nerve pain
Joint pain
Muscle tightness, maybe some spasticity
Bladder issues
Urological and sexual issues
Hand issues..

now...Out of the blue about 2 wks ago now i kept waking up during sleep with what it felt like i was holding my breath..
That has contimued and now ill wake gasping for air or wake cause i have stoped breathing..
Happens literally 10-15 times a night before i finally pass out and go into a deeper sleep..

coupled with limb jerks awake and involuntary swallowing which wakes me..

now i have throat, tongue and soft palette cramps, not like charlie horse but dull ache cramps non stop for 2 days...

Anyone have this?

could it be mnd? I'm worried. even after 8 years?
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